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Congratulations to the Cabbies Do Kilimanjaro team

It all started with a Tweet...

“Any other cabbies out there fancy losing weight with me and then climb Mount Kilimanjaro?”

That one Tweet took a team of 3 "Fat Cabbies", all London Taxi Drivers, from behind the wheels of their cabs, on a dream journey to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro with Action Challenge.

That dream became reality on the 4th October 2019, when they stood at Uhuru Peak, the summit of Africa's Highest mountain.

Cabbies Start Their Climb

The Cabbies start their climb

This was the end result of a long journey, that saw the Cabbies commit to a training plan to get them in shape to take on the challenge. They visited the Action Challenge office to hear all about the trek and what they would need to prepare for, then the training began! From an Action Challenge training weekend climbing Mount Snowdon at night with our mountain leaders, to taking on the Yorkshire Three Peaks - they pushed themselves to lose weight and get fit!

If that wasn't enough, they have also raised (at time of writing) over £15,000 for the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans!


Cabbies Trekking

Getting closer to the top...


All those months of training and preparation culminated in the tough climb from Kosovo Camp to Uhuru Peak, in the dead of night. The summit climb starts at midight, and follows a steep slope to the rim of the crater. This is the toughest part of the challenge, with our mountain leaders and local crew taking care of the team every step of the way.

After 6 hours, the team of Cabbies reached Stella Point, in time to watch the sun rise! 


Cabbies Sunrise

Sunrise from Stella Point


From Stella Point, they needed to make one final push to reach the summit. It was cold, they were tired, but nothing was going to stop them. In the words of Daren, one of the Cabbies: 

"That last 45 min climb is the hardest thing I have ever done, but my mind and determination just took over. Then we saw the famous Uhuru Sign we had been dreaming about and at 7.07am on the 4th October 2019 we touched the sign. I broke down in tears and blubbed like baby. All the emotions flooding out of me, the thought of my grandkids and the picture they had drawn me, my wife and all the good wishes, encouragement and faith that people had put in me. WE HAD DONE IT! A year ago I would have struggled up Shooters Hill and now I was standing on TOP OF WORLD. Looking down I could see the curvature of the Earth, clouds, glaciers... the sun was shining and it was a surreal moment I will never forget."

 Cabbies Summit

The Cabbies at Uhuru Peak, 5895m above sea level

We think this is an incredible story! You should never say never. Kilimanjaro is a tough challenge, but one that anyone can do with the right mindset. You just put one foot in front of the other until you reach the top. 

If you want to go from the couch to Kili, get in touch below:

Click here to send us an email
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Cabbies Rainforest

Credit to the Cabbies - Brian, Daren & John, and special thanks to Tim King for his excellent photographs and videos (see more of Tim's work over on Facebook and Instagram).

Find out more about the Cabbies Do Kilimanjaro guys and their stories here:





Have you ever wanted to climb Kilimanjaro, but don't know where to start?

Start here!

We've taken over 5,000 trekkers safely to the summit - and we'd love to tell you all about it...

Kili Open Eve 2

We'll be presenting how you can trek with us as part of a group trip - or a bespoke event - covering everything from routes, best time to go, altitude, life on the mountain, training, kit, and equipment. Our team will be on hand to answer any questions PLUS there are always special deals for anyone who attends.

It lasts around one hour, and is free to attend. We even give you some exclusive discounts for coming along!

The next Open Evening is: 


London venue (near Blackfriars Bridge) - 7pm 


Kili Open Eve 3


Aspinall Foundation Climbs for Conservation

Who are the Aspinall Foundation?

The Aspinall Foundation, a world-class conservation charity - is dedicated to protecting endangered animals around the globe. The foundation is known for returning captive bred animals to protected wilderness areas and reserves worldwide.

Their two award winning wild animal parks, Howletts near Canterbury and Port Lympne, near Ashford, work closely with The Aspinall Foundation and as such, are very different from conventional zoos. Our parks lead the way in animal care, enclosure design, enrichment and breeding success and are designed to be breeding sanctuaries for some of the world’s most rare and endangered animals.

Aspinall Gorilla


Climbing for Conservation

In September 2020, a group of volunteers & fundraisers from Aspinall Foundation will set off for Tanzania and start their climb of Kilimanjaro. The group are expected to raise over £35,000 for the Aspinall Foundation. This money will be crucial to their important work!

Among other things, £35,000 would fund all the food and medical supplies for their gorilla reintroduction project in Gabon and Congo as well as supporting the rangers who look after and protect the Gorillas post reintroduction. The Aspinall Foundation help protect over one million acres of prime wildlife habitat across Gabon and Congo from many threats including poaching. It is important the rangers are well equipped to cover this area. This requires trucks and boats for patrols as well as vehicle maintenance, fuel, generators, camera traps etc. All very important for them to succeed in saving animals from extinction. 


Find out more

To find out more about the work of the Aspinall Foundation, or to join their climb of Africa's Highest Mountain, visit their website:




Clean boots are happy boots

You got your dream hiking boots on, have just had a lovely walk in the fresh air but you’ve just come home and it being Janurary, they are caked in mud. Do you leave it on and wait for it to fall off or do you go for a deep clean? 

Why is it important?

Straight out of the box, your boots are in the best possible condition. Meaning you don’t have to do any sort of treatment, or cleaning of, your boots. As long as you properly break in your hiking boots, you’ll be ready for the next adventure.

But once you’ve got your first hike in with your boots, and they’re caked with mud, murky puddle water, or even bits of  leaves, clean them. Even if they’re not that dirty, it doesn’t matter. Each step on a walk results in either dust, mud or general dirt creeping in. Any sort of buildup inside your hiking boot that goes uncleaned always leads to excessive wear and tear on the boot.  It might be a pain but the best way to extend the life of your boots is by cleaning them after each hike.

Cleaning your boots straight after a walk may not be the most exciting way to round off a day on the trail but you’ll be grateful for it next time you head out and your boots are ready and raring to go.  So, how do you go about cleaning your boots?

It's as easy at 1,2 3!

Step 1: Scrub clean

 Simply rinse with warm water and use a brush to remove stubborn mud and grit. Don;t use any soaps or detergents as these tend to damage your boots, especailly if they have any special fabrics int hem like GORE-TEX. Try not to soften your leather uppers too much while washing to avoid your boots losing their shape. A hefty sole will take some scrubbing but be gentle on the more delicate upper surfaces of your boots.

Step 2: Treat them to a little pampering

A proofer or Nikwax will help to keep your feet dry against the elements. Remember to check that the type of proofer is the right one for your boots as treatments vary. Use one that’s suitable for use on footwear with waterproof breathable lining and waterproof leathers to maintain your boots’ performance as you clock up the miles.

Step 3: Give them some air

It's really tempting to leaver them on a boiller or near the radiator, but the ebst way to look after your boots is to let them dry naturally in the air. If your boots are wet inside too, then use some newspaper to coax out the moisture to keep them in tip top shape.


If you look after yoru boots they'll look after you. Clean boots also allow you to have a closer look at them, and will help you identify when it might be time for a change.


Easter Walk - April 2019 - Now a Jog/ Run also

Easter Walk 2019 - Join Us!

The Easter Walk is now live and launched! A perfect way to kick start the season, with many fellow Ultra Challengers

Last year we saw over 1,000 people take on the 25km or 25 miles from our Windsor basecamp, heading on the Thames Path and the Great Park. This year the 25km option is open to joggers & runners also, and there's a discount if you're signed up to  a 2019 Ultra Challenge.

  • Start - Windsor 

  • Marquee Base Camp

  • 8.30am - 11.00 start slots

  • Free Buff 

  • Zumba style Warm Up

  • Pace Walkers / Marshals 

  • Fully signed Routes

  • Half-way snacks & drinks 

  • Best 'Winter Dress' prizes

  • Special Easter Medal

  • Buffet back at Base Camp

  • Families welcome

  • Self Fund - do it for Yourself

  • OR Fundraise for a Charity

Visit for full info! 


2019 Ultra Challenges - Up to 33% Off Reg Fees

Ultra Challenge Series

 .. Walk, Jog, or Run

100km, 50km, or 25km

A keen walker but new to challenge events? Or a seasoned hiker looking for adventures? Maybe even a marathon runner wanting to 'up' your distance? Whoever you are - if you're up for a real challenge and want to push yourself in 2019 - these events are for you!

Whether along a magnificent coastline, or through stunning countryside - your Challenge will be unforgettable. Spirit and determination is needed; resolve will be tested - with new friends made en route, and an overwhelming sense of achievement at your finish line.











Visit for full information on our 2019 events!


NEW UK events

 2018 is not far around the corner and we’ve got some new Challenges in store...

We are pleased to announce our 2 NEW events - the Jurassic Coast Challenge (21/22 July '18) and Wye Valley Challenge (11/12 August '18)! With 7 Ultra Challenges next year, there’s a route to suit everyone, so why not join us for some stunning scenery and doing something amazing in 2018...

To find out more visit to find out more about the series and challenge yourself in 2018!  

Jurassic Coast 2018events

Wye Valley 2018events


Let the Ultras Begin!

Congratulations to all who took on our 1st 2017 Ultra Challenge around the Isle of Wight - you were all fantastic!

The 2017 Series is bigger than ever, with over 14,000 eager challengers set to join us - and walk, jog, or run their Challenge of a lifetime. There are 5 fantastic events this year - each on a stunning route with full 100km, 50km, and 25km options to choose from - and our famous hospitality & support will be better than ever with the introduction of new menus and services. These are our flagship events, and we're proud that by the end of 2017 the Series will have raised well over £15 million to date for our charity partners, and enbaled many thousands of ordinary people to push themselves far further than they may have thought possible!

Visit the Isle of Wight Challenge Website to find out more and Reserve your place for 2018 with our Super Early Bird offer!


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