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mines advisory group

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MAG's vision is a safe and secure future for men, women and children affected by armed violence and conflict.

We have worked in more than 40 countries since 1989, to save lives and build futures by:

  • Reclaiming land contaminated with the remnants of conflict, such as landmines, cluster munitions, bombs, shells and mortars.
  • Finding ways to reduce the daily risk of death or injury for civilians.
  • Creating safe and secure conditions for development.

Landmine and unexploded ordnance clearance

MAG clears landmines, but we do more than just getting mines out of the ground, or find and destroy cluster submunitions, bombs and rockets.

Community liaison

How do we know where to prioritise our clearance operations? We ask the communities affected.

Community liaison involves working with communities, development agencies and local authorities to gather information about the location and extent of landmines and other explosive weapons, and how their presence is affecting the way people live from day to day.

Risk education (also known as 'mine risk education') is another key element of community liaison. This involves giving tailored safety messages to help minimise the risk for people living and working in and having to travel through contaminated areas.

A risk education session may include, for example: how to recognise commonly found remnants of conflict; how to report a dangerous item; what to do in an emergency; known areas of contamination and accidents; warning clues and signs for mined areas; how to keep others safe, and more.

why fundraise for Mines Advisory Group

Your support is absolutely crucial for MAG. Your donations and fundraising efforts enable us to reach those communities most in need and respond quickly to emergency situations.

These unrestricted funds also provide us with the ability to continue projects where previous funding sources are no longer available or have run out, enabling MAG to stay and get the job done.

Your support helps to save lives faster, in new areas where there is no infrastructure in place, and that's why we value it so much.

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